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Astrology and Relationships

Astrology can help you understand and manage your relationships. These come in many flavors from adversarial, to supportive to codependent; from intimate friendships and love affairs to rivalries and contractual arrangements; from the exciting and dangerous to the tedious but necessary. Astrologers call looking at relationships synastry. Synastries explore the benefits, liabilities, and possibilities for both parties.

Synastries explore many aspects of relationship, for a specific focus you may want a live astrologer and we offer that as well, but if you are simply curious or want an overview, we also have automated reports.


Automated Relationship Reports

Our automated relationship reports were selected for their accuracy. Useful as an informative resource for managing your relationship or you might indulge in fantasy and see how you would do with a selected celebrity. For further detail and advice we also offer a custom report with live input from one of our astrologers.

Relationships chart reports


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