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Cosmology, Qaballa, and Astrology
Correspondence theory and the reflection of the whole in its parts is the foundation of astrological theory grounded in cosmology. The cosmological models used are typically an abstract representation of the cosmos that associate planets, numbers and concepts with and among one another. These models are an abstract of the features and functional principles of the cosmos. Originally these models were used in the context of mysticism and language. While they are still useful in that regard, our focus here will be the astrological and tarotic correspondences. In other words on their use for philosophical, predictive and magical purposes.

In the West, there are four main models for correspondence theory with many variants and derivatives. There is the Hebrew version known as the Tree of Life, a primarily Greek view based on spheres or Aeons - neoplatonist and gnostic models are good examples, a Thelemic view known as the Trees of Eternity, and the fusion view which is based on the Hebrew tree but extended with modern discoveries and adapted especially to astrology. These are all, after a fashion, variants on the theme of the known physical and metaphysical universe. There are also Taoist and Vedic views, but here we focus on the western conceptions. Of course, it must be recognized that over time these systems have affected each other and all refer to the same reality from different perspectives.

The view used here is Fusion, for a presentation of that view see The Fusion Tree.

Visit the Astrology and Qaballa page for more details and for notes on polarities and related topics.

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