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About Magicians

This page is mostly about English magicians and their contemporaries. The English Example is illuminating. Others have also been included to provide a more international view of Western Tradition magicians. The presentation also demonstrates the fusion approach to astrology: using traditional principles along with the modern, invisible planets and appropriate modern discoveries. It explores what we might look for as the signature of a magician, what factors might dispose one to sympathy but not practice, and what might dispose one to patronage

  of magicians. For the English line we will look at the charts and well documented lives of four magicians, an astrologer, and a queen.

In addition to the original English six, I have added a Czech magician, and two Canadians. One of the Canadians is an astrologer and magician and the other an enchantress. The Canadian magician operated mostly in the United States.

The essay summarizes and identifies considerations in arriving at an astrological signature for magicians. The examples point out these factors and note biographical bits. The notes also include other relevant astrological indicators. Please contact us if you spot any errors.
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To complete the examples each case includes a picture (with one exception), a chart, a brief discussion, and links for biographies and books as appropriate. If you know of a particularly good link or biography, please contact us to request its inclusion.
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