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Loreena McKennitt 1957, The Enchantress
Technical Summary

Born February 17, 1957 in Morden, Manitoba. Lois Rodden gives 7pm as the birth time.

Szygy (lunation before birth) is a full moon at 25 Leo on the 14th. Venus appears to be the final dispositor with Mercury ruling the Ascendant and the most essentially dignified planet. The Almutem Figuris or the significator of how the spiritual and material integrate, is also Mercury. Mars is strongly placed in Hayz but not essentially well dignified. It does rule the 8th and is received in aspect with Venus. Uranus is in quadruplicity and exaltation but retrograde and square Neptune.

Regulus conjoins Pluto opposed her Sun in the 12 which also means that her Sun is conjunct Fomalhaut. Both stars are very bright and promise accomplishment beyond what would be expected form the planets alone. .

The Ascendant is Hyleg or giver of Life with Mars (possibly modified by Venus) as the giver of years.

Verification and Narrative Summary

Information for this chart comes from Lois Roddenís archives. Based on what little data can be found, it appears to be correct. The ruler of the 7th (Jupiter) was directed to opposed the ruler of the 8th (Mars) at approximately age 41 (1998). This year marked a serious and tragic triple loss for the artist. The move from Manitoba to Stratford (most probably the source of the Shakespeare influence in her music) in 1981 is shown by the directed ruler of the 3rd (Mars) reaching the Meridian around age 24 (1981). In 1981 there was also the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in her 1st house and a Jupiter return. This set the course for the next 20 years. The release of albums through the 80s and 90s appears to follow a roughly 2-year Mars cycle. Not surprising with Mars prominent and connected with Venus which is a significator of music. These results suggest that the Rodden information is probably about a degree off but thatís close enough for present purposes.

Mars ruling the 3rd of siblings suggests that she may have one brother. Saturn ruling the 5th indicates that she probably will not have children herself.

The supernova of 1987 falls directly on her Mercury which rules both her 10th and 1st houses. Her music reflects this in its fusion of traditional forms, multiple cultures, and literary inspirations. Mars ruling the 8th from the 9th and connected with the production cycle of her music suggests a spiritual element and possibly sorcery. Certainly the Celtic influence is shown here as Ireland is Taurus. Taurus is found with manifestation of spirits so I would expect her invocations to be effective for calling spirits. I do know that some among the Wiccans use her music at there gatherings and report interesting results. While I have no doubt that she can sing an effective incantation; she may not look at it quite like that. Her Sun is opposed to Pluto in the 12th suggesting that while she may draw on traditions that include mystical themes and magic, she may not care for witchcraft and shamanism or magic personally. Likely she views herself as a musical craftsman than sorceress or enchantress. The chart certainly shows that she is both craftsman and sorceress. It is clear that she researches her source material and blends or fuses the past and the traditional with her own cross cultural style. This again is a mark of the influence of the nova indicating research into the past to re-present it in a new form based on an understanding of the outlook that first produced it. This process involves researching and recapturing the nuances of vanished world views. In this case, music and the instruments and attitudes which produced it. Certainly there is also inspiration and patterning from literary sources such as WB Yeats and Shakespeare.

I would suppose that her success is largely due to the bright star Aldebaran being within conjunction of her Meridian. Of her planets Mercury is best dignified in term and triplicity and in mutual reception with Venus. Mercuryís placement in the 5th and trine to the Meridian gives the chart the focus for an entertainer or artisan of music. Mercury in some dignity and ruling the Ascendant and Meridian is the chart ruler and no other planets are obviously in strong dignity, in fact most are in debility. This is a case where the fixed stars show much greater promise than the planets alone and it has been realized in this case.

The signature we find here in terms of magic has a strong focus on the 5th and 6th houses indicating craftsmanship and performance art. The Sun ruling the 12th from the 6th suggests that mysticism is subordinate to craft. The ruler of the 8th in the 9th in aspect to the ascendant and itís ruler Mercury which is the ruling planet for this figure hints at sorcery and emphasizes the world music theme and travel.

The bright stars are the key to success and Mercury ruling the chart touched by the nova of 87 shows the breakthrough nature of the Celtic revival and multicultural music or a fusion approach as demonstrated by her Work. In a sense one might say her sorcery is unconscious and is worked by her music in service to the fusion wave brought by the nova. She will do what she will do, but should she turn her hand to a more directed use of her magical potentials, the results could be quite interesting and likely beneficial. Thatís not to say it would be easy or without risk. There are many patterns in Celtic myth that lend themselves to magic via music. Weíll see what the future holds and look forward to more great magical music from this artist.

There are indications that active practice other than unconsciously integrating it into her music does not appeal to her. In the unlikely event that there is a change of heart, I would expect that she would bring the same inspired yet craftsman like and thorough approach as is evident in her music.

There is a signature for magic here but there appears to be some aversion. It may not be one of the better examples I could have picked but the chart, like the artist ,has a certain subtle power. And, I do like her music.

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Considering the long period comets and the long cycle conjunction of Uranus and Neptune (1992) as well as the supernova of 1987, one could say we live in energetic and interesting times.

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