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Manly P. Hall - 03/18/1901 Ė 08/29/1990 lived to the age of 89

The chart used is a slight variation of the best rectification. There is some question as to whether Hall should be considered a Canadian (where he was born) or American (where he lived) mage. The rulers of the 8th and 9th are in the 1st suggesting occult interests and practices and prolific writing but Uranus holding the 10th shows astrology and innovation.


His chart is difficult with the Moon apparent as hyleg but


she is void and in an air sign more or less incapacitating her for that role. Her only aspects are separating. This is a rare case where the invisibles come into play. The ascendant is hyleg by default with the Moon to weak to perform and no other acceptable candidate. The giver of years is Uranus as the planet in closest aspect with reception limited to the disposition of the ascendant by Uranus. That would give an expectancy of 84 years. Uranus is strong in an angular house adding her least of 8 for an expectancy of 92. He actually lived to 89, about 3 years short of the expected span.

The alternative is to use the Moon which separates from the opposition of Mars and the sextile of Neptune. Here we could take Neptune as the giver of years, both are in terms of Mars and share Mercury as the triplicity ruler but the only real disposition is Neptuneís exaltation in Aquarius which might make it a backdoor almuten of the Moon and thereby dispose it. For Neptunes full span we would have 165, itís orbit but it is conjunct Pluto and separating from opposed Uranus and square Mars, very weak sitting in the 4th. Subtracting Mars least would hardly dent the long span of Neptune, not really workable.

To be completely traditional we would probably use the Moon which is in terms of Mars and closely opposed to Mars. But this would give an expectancy of only 66 (Mars Greatest) + 12 (Jupiterís greatest in whose terms Mars is) or 78, far short of the actual span.

Using the ascendant as hyleg and only visible planets we do find mutual reception and close aspect with Saturn (one of the few cases where a semisextile counts) but again the span is too short. At best we would have 77.

The ascendant as hyleg and Uranus as giver of years is the best fit in this case and suggesting that the native died slightly prematurely.

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