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Aleister Crowley, the great beast
Crowley's chart is from the Kepler archive. The preeminent occultist of the 20th century and the prophet of the Aeon.

Born on a Tuesday in the night hour of Mercury. Szygy is a Solar eclipse at 5 Libra. Crowley lived to the age of 72.



Lord of the Ascendant : Sun in Libra in the 4th

Almutem Figuris : Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th

Final Dispositor : Two independent chains - Venus in Libra in the 4th and Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th - so Venus/Saturn

Sun Libra, Moon Pisces, Leo rising

Notes : For Crowley's public promotion of magic and the supernatural look to Neptune and Pluto in his 10th. Neptune also indicates the scandals that surrounded his career. His favored approach, sex magic, is indicated by the Moon in Pisces in his 8th, and his difficulties with matrimony to Uranus in the 1st opposed Saturn in the 7th. Consider the ruler of his 8th, Jupiter in Scorpio in the 4th also, as in the end he founded the OTO and had some influence on Freemasonry.

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Biographic references : Confessions

Comment : Note Gemini and Sagittarius as included signs in the 11th and 5th indicating constraints his associations and children. None of his children survived him and few, if any, of his associations were smooth or long term.



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