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Peter Carroll, Psychonaut & Entrepreneur
Peter Carrol, one of the fathers of chaos magic gives us his chart in one of his books.

Born on a Wednesday in the night hour of Mars. Szygy is full moon at 10 Cancer.

Lord of the Ascendant : Venus in Pisces in the 4th

Almutem Figuris : Mars in Pisces in the 5th

Final Dispositor : A bounce between Venus in Pisces in the 4th and Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th

Sun Capricorn, Moon Libra, Libra rising

The Szygy (Full Moon before birth) is hyleg with Jupiter as giver of years

Notes :

With Mercury lord of the 8th and Saturn on the ascendant in fine dignity and receiving Mercury we have the signature of a magician. Mercury in the 2nd gives a certain financial wizardry and given the aspects to Venus in the 4th (real estate and inheritance) and to Mars in the 5th (speculative investments or something connected with entertainment and pleasure) there is a wide range of possible activity in business and finance. It is likely since Mercury rules the 8th and the 11th that he has excellent credit and a knack for raising funds. Since the 8th indicates sorcery we would assume that the magical skills support the financial. And naturally with Mercury, he writes as well.

According to traditional astrologers the Sun/Uranus opposition would indicate a maverick or rebellious attitude to religion and philosophy as well as occasional difficulties when traveling overseas. More modern astrologers might add that this aspect could indicate a certain sexual ambiguity or androgyny. Whether that is there or not, Jupiter in the 7th shows a stable partnership and probably at least one child (Mars in the 5th). The 3rd house tells of possibly 3 siblings and the square of Sun and Moon show tensions between the parents though probably not divorce.

The tenanted 9th and 12th indicate visionary experiences and (12th) contact with prisons, hospitals or large public institutions hospital or acquaintance their inmates or employees.

Scorpio included in the 1st and retrograde outer planets elevated confirms a desire for privacy if not secrecy. Given the overall flavor of the chart its much easier that way. It avoids interference allows misdirection and secrecy.

This is the chart of one who pursues his work in secret and guards his privacy closely.

There is a strong mystical and visionary streak shown by the bright stars conjunct his Neptune and Venus. Saturn conjunct the ascendant (and in orb of Neptune) gives us Chaos Magic as the outward façade. The actual interests and practices are likely much more aesthetic, effective, and poetic. The usual categories do not apply, as one might expect in a figure dominated by the Sun /Uranus opposition in square to an Airy Moon. With Saturn just rising, we don’t expect popularity or secrets casually given up. Mercury and Saturn show us the magician and a sorcerer at that. With Mars conjunct Venus on the cusp of the 5th we also see a sex magician and likely at least one child. Sun/Uranus adds some unexpected twists (especially with Uranus retrograde) and creative flair. Neptune keeps it mysterious and a little confused. The universal catalyst (Uanus) meets (there is a square) the universal solvent (Neptune) apparently Chaos Magic is the precipitant salt.

Note that nova 1987a falls on the Meridian/Nadir axis, that was likely an interesting year for Peter. His Jupiter is at what is called the bendings or the place where the Moons Nodes change direction midway between them, the nodes are where the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. According to Lehman, a planet at the Northern bending shows one who personifies or embodies a theme influential in their generation. Here we have Jupiter in the included sign of Taurus ruling the 2nd and 5th giving perhaps a financial wheeler dealer and the founder of chaos magic. The other nodal and bending points are untenanted. Consider also that Sagittarius although the cusp of the 2nd (barely) is the 3rd sign form the ascendant again giving us a potential for influential writings.

Likely we will see the effects of his work but know little of him. It is possible that he may share the details of his life from retirement but that’s not a certain bet. To get a better feel for this personality and magic consider the chart while reading one of his books. And expect to hear more from him.

Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter J. Carroll
• shamanic aeon
• chaos magic
• high magic

Liber Kaos

The Apophenion : a chaos magick paradigm

His current website Specularium A Site exploring the hypothesis of Three-Dimensional Time:

Contemporary Comets


Perihelion Date

Perihelion Longitude





27:52 Libra


800 years



27:42 Sag


150k years



 5:40 Pisces   


558k years



20 Aqu


76.8 years



11:26 Tau


17k years



18 Tau


2500 years



28 Cap  


105k years



4:50 Gem


6.9 years






Considering the long period comets and the long cycle conjunction of Uranus and Neptune (1992) as well as the supernova of 1987, one could say we live in energetic and interesting times.



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