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In a given natal chart there are signatures based on the primary significators. The Lord of the Ascendant, the Almutem Figuris, and the final dispositor give a focus to the house and sign placements and are rounded out by aspects and the inclusion of fixed stars. These can give very different signatures for superficially similar placements. For example, the signature of sorcerer has superficial, or as the traditional astrologers would say - accidental, similarities to those of murderers and their victims and with those of psychics and researchers. This is shown by an 8th house emphasis which is then clarified by the placement of the Lord of that house and the dignities and fixed stars. Depending on the focus of the significators, placements in the 8th house could show any of these and a few other possibilities. This might perhaps furnish a clue as to why psychopaths and sorcerers are sometimes mistaken for one another and why frauds and mystics are sometimes confused with one another.
  Signatures for appearance and condition of the body - coloring, moles, scars, build, etc - are shown by factors associated with the ascendant. These too have additional implications, so, while you can't quite judge a book by its cover, you can get a good idea by reading the back of the jacket.

This idea extends to mundane signatures of places based on the idea that the nature of a place is reflected in the corresponding signs of it's apparent nature. For example, in a place that has interest in religion, horses, and education we might expect some correspondence with Sagittarius and to find that it is sensitive to transits of that sign. Mountain chains often have a resonance with Leo as for example the Carpathians, but mountainous areas such as Greece are more often Capricorn. There are other considerations but this is a flavor of the notion.

Similarly in horary astrology where we attempt to answer questions, we use the signatures of things. Depending on context, if the inquiry is about a woman, a piece of jewelry, or a purse; Venus would be the natural ruler. If we are considering a location in a house, Mars would suggest a place in or near the furnace or fireplace or where sharp tools are kept. This is again somewhat superficial, but it gives a flavor.

Signatures are based on the notion of correspondence theory and the doctrine of similarity.










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