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Technica - Terms and Determinations
All charts use Porphyry Houses. For each chart the Almutem Figuris, Lord of the Ascendant, and final dispositor are noted. Information on the day of the week from timekeepers with planetary hours computed by magichours after determining Sunrise and set with Kepler. All pre 1700 dates are NS.. Szygys estimated at this time. Almutem Figuris computed after the method of Ibn Ezra ( thanks to Zoller for this). As they are computed, the fixed stars both conjunct and promissor will be added and any portents of note.  

Lord of the Ascendant - the planet ruling the rising sign or cusp of the 1st house by traditional determination. This planet shows the personality and focus of the individual in a natal chart while the ascendant itself and planets in the 1st describe the body and further delineate the personality.

House Ruler - the planet ruling the sign on the cusp of any house

Traditional sign rulerships:
Sign Ruler Sign  Ruler
Aries Mars Libra Venus
Taurus Venus Scorpio Mars
Gemini Mercury Sagittarius Jupiter
Cancer Moon Capricorn Saturn
Leo Sun Aquarius Saturn
Virgo Mercury Pisces Jupiter

Fusion gives Uranus corule of Aquarius but rarely if ever, unlike modern astrology, makes him the primary sign ruler, Neptune corule of Pisces, and Pluto corule of Scorpio again rarely if ever making them primary rulers of those signs. These planets have an effect that is qualitatively different from the visible planets and much longer periods of revolution making them factors in mass phenomena and universal issues, though these also manifest in the individual their action is unlike the more personal and localized visible planets.

Triplicity - signs of the same element : fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; air - Libra, Gemini, Aquarius; earth - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo. When used with the delineation of the houses it means the rulers of those signs. I tend to look at the sign on the cusp as first in this case rather than the cardinal sign of the triplicity.

Dispositor - the planet ruling the sign another planet or point occupies. Example - Mars in Gemini is disposed by Mercury, who, if not in one of his own signs, may in turn be disposed by another planet. The end of the trail of these dispositions is the final dispositor. The pattern of disposition and whether or not there is a final dsipositor shows the mode of operation of the native.

Almutem Figuris - Calculated by observing the dignities at the degree at which the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Fortuna, and the Szygy fall, the house placements of the planets and the day and hour of the native's birth. The szygy is the new or full moon before birth. The Almutem Figuris shows the link to the spirit and the means of spiritual development or vocation.

Dignities - Each of the visible planets have a certain essential dignity or strength by position in the signs. Traditionally, with their relative values, these are rule (5), exaltation (4), triplicity by day or night (3), term (2) and face or decan (1). A planet may also be accidentally dignified by house placement with the following relative strengths according to Ibn Ezra:

House Strength House Strength 
1st 12 7th 10
2nd 6 8th 4
3rd 3 9th 5
4th 9 10th 11
5th 7 11th 8
6th 1 12th 2

Note that the angular houses are strongest, the succeedant less so, and cadent houses weak; and that houses above the horizon are generally stronger than houses below.

Day and Hour rulers - the ruler of the day adds 7 to its strength and the ruler of the hour 6.

References in Abbreviated form

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Traditional Astrology websites, most notably Zoller and Warnock.

Biographies of the principals.


At the beginning of the page, three issues concerning magicians were raised. Signature, sympathy including sympathy without practice, and patronage. While the issues have been explored, it's clear that we've only scratched the surface here and possibly raised more questions than we've answered.


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